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FAQ - Weight and Sit-up Benches

Are these easy to assemble?

Yes. They come with full instructions with diagrams but should you need further help assembling, simply contact our team for advice.

Are these also commercial or just for home use?

These benches are really designed for home use, however as long as their maximum user weights are adhered to, there is no reason they canít be used in a commercial setting at the buyers discretion.

What size weight rests should I go for in a weight bench?

We would recommend opting for a weight bench with V-shaped weight rests. This means that it will accommodate any barbell diameter safely and not allow any room to move about.

What benefit is an inclined back rest?

The main benefit is user comfort. When there are different incline levels, the user can adjust this to their comfort meaning that they can get the most out of their workout. The closer you are to the barbell, the more effort you need to put in- therefore getting the most from your session.

What type of weights do I need to use with my bench?

With a sit-up bench, we would advise only use dumbbells if you wish to include weights in your sit-ups. Weight benches can be used with dumbbells, barbells with disc weights attached and other weights depending on the exercise being done. Please always check the maximum user weight of the bench. You will need to not only check the personal user weight, but the barbell weight also.

Why do your benches vary in price so much?

The benches we offer have a range of different features- from the very basic bench with just the barbell rests, to the most expensive with a lateral pull down section, leg curls and butterfly curls. If you choose one of the higher spec benches, you can get far more for you money and in essence, a mini multi-gym as you can use the same discs from your barbells on the other features.

Why is the sit-up bench curved like it is?

This has been designed for comfort and maximum safety on your back. The user hooks their legs over the end rests and by using their abdominal muscles, pull their upper body into a sitting position. The curve shape allows the user to have less pressure on their coccyx and have the same lift.

How this should the padding be?

The padding on the benches should offer cushioning but also be firm so your posture and technique is not effected. It is covered in durable cloth backed vinyl.


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